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FinTech Werkstatt is specialised and supports you in applying for a Swiss FinTech license application. Structure your organisation to meet Swiss regulatory requirements. We can help you to obtain a “Sand-Box” environment initially and get admitted as a member of a Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) (Art. 6 Abs. 2 und 3 BankV).

FinTech Werkstatt will guide you through the audit process with the regulatory auditor and FINMA. We can define an ICS (Internal Control System) with a Risk and Compliance structure matching your business profile. Besides, it profits from the simplified requirements for FinTech Start-Ups at the same time.

Take a look at the Fintech Werkstatt starter document templates with the mandatory initial policies and regulations.

* Discount: 25% for start-up companies with less than CHF 500,000 in share-capital or projects with an inclusive finance objective.

Common questions in the FinTech application process

Do you already have a clear vision of performing your client onboarding?

We can help and support you with all these issues and many more!
financial and business planning
crypto currencies
market analysis
business continuity management
business partner evaluation
cross border activity
data protection
data protection policy
corporate governance
IT developement
IT- and data safety standards and IA

FinTech Werkstatt Advice

In addition to the regulatory topics, we advise Start-up companies on:

Are you blocked at FINMA Application? Our add-on document templates may help.

FinTech FINMA Application

We have developed and fine-tuned all documents required for a FINMA Swiss FinTech application. We achieved this with renowned Swiss law firms, auditors professionals, IT experts, app developers, database specialists, cryptocurrency experts and data protection specialists.

These documents and guidelines are a legal requirement to obtain a Swiss FinTech license from FINMA. Hence, a solid base on which you can build your FinTech application. 

Let's get started

FinTech Werkstatt is a team of experts with whom it is fun to work with. We select our clients and partners carefully and advise clients with professional business conduct and an interesting, conclusive business model.

A Swiss FinTech application is a complex regulatory endeavour. Still, it does not have to be an expensive marathon that brings your Start-up team to its limits even before starting your business.

Save your resources, your energy and money. Bring your business to market in the fastest possible way while working with professionals that are up to the task.

FinTech Werkstatt - FINMA Application Templates


Fintech Werkstatt FINMA Application Templates

You can buy one specific document or guideline that you need from us or the entire set of about 12 documents to apply for a FINMA FinTech license in Switzerland

They have been established by experts and passed at least one regulatory audit. The entire set of proven documents costs CHF 30’000*. 

Fintech Werkstatt gladly supports you if you need assistance or further explanations to tailor our documents to your needs. Our offer includes helping to structure your organisation to fit the regulatory needs. Besides, we can assist you with legal questions, financial planning to meet the equity requirements or conducting a competitor assessment. Draw on the experience of our financial experts and lawyers. 

We know the critical topics in-depth.

* Discount: 25% for start-up companies with less than CHF 500,000 in share-capital or projects with an inclusive finance objective.

Full Starter Document Templates Package

Excluding 7.7% VAT
CHF 30,000
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