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Common topics in the Swiss FinTech application process

Secure Your License Efficiently

Boost market entry using a set of guidelines that passed many application audits and has been approved by FINMA already. Let our experts prepare your application and let us manage the audit and FINMA application for you. Choose our proven expertise for rapid results and seamless market integration.

Enhance Your IT Infrastructure

PM: Our White Label (WL) solutions contain an integrated ecosystem with partners specialising in ID verification, AML/KYC/KYB, FSMB/OBH, and seamless connections to SNB, SIC, Euro SIC and correspondence banks. We are enhancing your MVP and the client journey with you.

Boost Organisational Velocity

Company incorporation, establishing bank relationships, executive search for board members and management, account setup, auditing, tax consultation, HR solutions, precise KPI and FINMA reporting. We provide a comprehensive suite of services.

Achieve Operational Excellence

We specialise in Operations Team (Operations Manual) support, risk and compliance expertise, staff training, rigorous check and balance measures and operations testing aligned with ISO 20022 standards. Trust our dedication to operational excellence.

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Comprehensive Support, Compliance, and Expertise

We Manage Your Company Administration

At Fintech Werkstatt, we specialise in Swiss fintech support services. We offer professional office spaces to domicile addresses for the fintech industry. You can stay connected with dedicated phone services and manage correspondence efficiently. Our certified accounting team provides accounting and compliance solutions. Navigate finance with our expert audit and tax consultancy and organise board meetings. Choose FinTech Werkstatt – we are not just a service, but your Swiss fintech key.

We Handle Your Risk & Compliance (AML)

FinTech Werkstatt excels in Swiss fintech compliance solutions, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of regulatory adherence. Our expert onboarding process promises a seamless start. Our vigilant transactional supervision guarantees alignment with industry standards and regulations. Targeted training sessions equip staff with vital fintech compliance knowledge. Partnering with FinTech Werkstatt fortifies team capabilities, ensuring long-term compliance success in the fintech sector.

About FinTech Werkstatt

Where Swiss FinTech Licensing Meets Unrivalled Expertise and Advocacy

FinTech Werkstatt, a pioneer in establishing the fintech licence art. 1b Banking Act, boasts a track record of successful approvals by FINMA. Choose the industry’s leading expert to save time and money; our proficiency in FinTech licence art. 1b applications are unmatched, with numerous successful audits and approvals under our belt. We oversee the entire licensing process, ensuring streamlined approval.

As key players in the Swiss Fintech Alliance– representing licensed Swiss Fintechs – our experts maintain an ongoing dialogue with regulators. Championing the fintech industry, the Swiss Fintech Alliance liaises with FINMA, SIF, SNB and other stakeholders. FinTech Werkstatt’s CEO, Swiss Fintech Alliance co-founder and chairman, spearheads these industry-forward initiatives.

From Application Blueprint to Full-Scale Operation

Aligning with FINMA's guidelines for FinTech licence applications according to Article 1b of the Banking Act

We specialise in crafting comprehensive 50-page applications, ensuring alignment with the 600 pages of essential 14 guidelines and associated documents. This includes your business and financial plans, price lists, and terms and conditions. From start to finish, we handle every aspect of your application process, from drafting and application audit to navigating the FINMA review, culminating in the legal acquisition of your licence. Additionally, we offer company formation in Switzerland and can source qualified board members and executive managers with local domicile. Should you require, we also oversee company scaling, IT setup, operations, and AML/KYC department establishment.

Expertise for FINMA Success

Where Swiss FinTech Licensing Meets Unrivalled Expertise and Advocacy

For every task, Fintech Werkstatt has a seasoned expert ready to address your unique needs. We don’t just claim expertise – we demonstrate it through our consistent results. With the fastest-ever granted licence and a 100% success rate, our track record speaks volumes. Our team is dedicated to understanding your objectives, providing bespoke solutions and ensuring seamless navigation through complex financial landscapes. As a testament to our dedication, we’ve garnered numerous accolades and positive testimonials from our esteemed clientele.

Our Approach to FinTech Licensing

We rigorously evaluate all projects. If a project fails our standards, we decline it. Why? Your investment is paramount. The business plan, financial framework and organisation must be eligible for FINMA authorisation. While we can't assure FINMA approval, our diligence optimises your odds significantly.

Insights into FINMA Licensing Today

We estimate that over a dozen Swiss FinTech applications have been submitted to FINMA. Some are delayed for months, causing outdated plans and increased costs. Numerous projects pause, and many get shelved. We ensure you stay ahead with us and don't let your project be another statistic.

Selecting the Right Experts Initially

Evade pitfalls and steer your Swiss FinTech venture to success. Choosing Fintech Werkstatt isn't just about a service; it's about securing expertise. We bring clarity and precision and ensure that every step you take is calibrated for maximum regulatory alignment.

Partner Testimonial

Jan H. Rottmann, Chairman Atrinum. Fintech

“Partnering with FinTech Werkstatt was a game-changer for our licensing journey with FINMA. Their unparalleled expertise streamlined the complex application process, ensuring every detail was in order. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Expert Solution from a single source

Our expertise and your positive corporate culture will make the difference.

Focused on licence applications in Switzerland and internationally, we have become trusted experts and partners for our clients. We assist in setting up and equipping their companies, implementing suitable IT stacks, and managing risk and compliance.

A board member and two executive managers residing in Switzerland are required to apply for a licence. We uphold entrepreneurial responsibility and maintain a pool of industry-specific candidates. This ensures our clients enjoy a swift and successful application process.

Chief Executive Financial Risk-/ Compliance Information-/ Technology Sales- & Marketing Officer

Our approach is particularly compelling given the industry-specific profiles required. It’s vital to have task-specific expert managers rather than generalists. Proper team selection can shorten the application and market-entry times. 

One-Stop-Shop – we ensure that your application is compliant with this requirement.


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