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Just getting started with your Fintech Project?

FintechWerkstatt is specialised to establish your Swiss FinTech license application and help to structure your organisation to meet Swiss regulatory requirements. We can also help you to firstly set-up a Sand-Box environment and get accepted by a Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) (Art. 6 Abs. 2 und 3 BankV).

You can buy one specific document or guideline that you need from us or the entire set of about 12 documents you need to apply for a FinTech license in Switzerland.

Get our starter package with the mandatory initial policies and regulations!

Sample draft application for FINMA including list of attachments (GER)CHF 1,400.00
Outsourcing regulations (GER)CHF 1,700.00
Organizational regulations (GER/ENG)CHF 3,700.00
Internal Control System (GER)CHF 2,000.00
Risk and Reporting Matrix (GER)CHF 2,700.00
AML guideline (ENG)CHF 3,300.00
Business Continuity Management Directive (ENG)CHF 2,600.00
Directive on data and IT security (GER)CHF 3,600.00
Business plan (GER)CHF 700.00
Financial plan (ENG)CHF 2,900.00
Data Protection Policy (ENG)CHF 1,400.00
Cross-Border Regulation (GER)CHF 1,200.00
Code of Conduct (ENG)CHF 1,400.00
Bundle Price (all Documents)CHF 20,000.00
Excluding 7.7% VAT

"The biggest mistake you can make is to start from scratch."

FinTech Werkstatt Documents - Add-ons

Excluding 7.7% VAT
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