FinTech Werkstatt - Executive Search

Discover top fintech talent with our executive search expertise.

While working with new clients on new license applications in Switzerland and abroad as the prime focus, we realize that we have become not only our client’s application experts but also their trusted partners for many other challenges.

Beside our core business we support our clients with:

  • the foundation of their company
  • finding Board Members & Executive Managers
  • performing their IT Stack & White Label evaluation
  • running their AML/KYC-, client- or accounting service as an outsourcing partner for them
  • acting in intermediate C-level function until a suitable candidate is found
  • or helping to find the right outsourcing partner for them

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"Our candidates and your positive corporate culture will make the difference."

FinTech Werkstatt - FINMA Application Templates

Our executive search is growing

To apply for a licence, we need a board member and two executive managers with residence in Switzerland. Assuming full entrepreneurial responsibility for each assignment, we developed a strong interest in maintaining a pool of candidates that are precisely defined profiles matching the profile of our industry. Enable our clients and us to create a fast and successful application and go live.

We remain focused with our executive search on:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Information-/ Technology Officer (CIO/CTO)
  • Chief Operation Officer (COO)
  • Chief Sales- & Marketing Officer (CSMO)
  • Chief Risk- / Compliance Officer CRCO)
  • AML/KYC/compliance professionals, Developers, Client Service

We only accept executive search assignments we can assess professionally and within one month. We speak with potential candidates respectfully and on equal terms. Interviews are conducted exclusively by senior experts.

Maintaining a pool of suitable candidates

In our experience, this approach makes a lot of sense, mainly as the profile is specific to an industry. It would be best to have expert managers for a particular task, not managers with general knowledge. The right teammates are crucial to reducing the successful applicant’s duration and the go-to-market time. We identify, evaluate and maintain a pool of highly qualified candidates using profiles defined in advance. A game changer if you aim to fill a position rapidly while carefully assessing and selecting without stress.

We can present two to four high-level candidates from our pool within a few days. The advantages of us proactively maintaining a pool of candidates are:

Exclusive executive search mandate

Pre-paid success-based placement fee of 10% of the planned full-time annual salary

Non-exclusive executive search mandate

Based on the amount of time spent (CHF 285.- per hour) as a pool member.

The annual pool membership fee is: CHF 10’000.-


We do not refund fees, but if a candidate we have recommended leaves the company within twelve months for reasons that are demonstrably due to their lack of professional qualifications, we will find a replacement for no additional fee.