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Are you just getting started with your Fintech Project?

Fintech Werkstatt specialises in establishing your Swiss FinTech license application and helps to structure your organisation to meet Swiss regulatory requirements. We can also help you set up a Sand-Box environment and get accepted by a Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) (Art. 6 Abs. 2 und 3 BankV).

You can buy one specific FinTech application add-on document from us or the six papers you need to apply for a license in Switzerland.

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"The biggest mistake you can make...

... is to start from scratch."

FinTech Werkstatt - Starter Document Templates

We offer even more! Check out the FinTech Werkstatt starter document templates, which further support your project.

Let's get started

FinTech Werkstatt is a team of experts with whom it is fun to work. Hence, we carefully select our clients and partners and advise clients with professional business conduct and an attractive, conclusive business model.

A Swiss FinTech application is a complex regulatory endeavour. Still, it does not have to be an expensive marathon that brings your Start-up team to its limits even before starting your business.

Save your resources, your energy and money. Bring your business to market in the fastest way while working with professionals up to the task.

FinTech Werkstatt - FINMA Application Templates