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As a one-stop shop, we offer standard, add-on document templates and a comprehensive FinTech License Application Support Service.

This support package includes all activities that arise in a FINMA FinTech application. We have taken this route ourselves for a company and therefore offer our personal experience so that you can take the so-called shortcut.

We apply a fair hourly or daily rate for this service.

Full Starter Document Templates Package

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CHF 30,000
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Our Support Service

  • Assistance in meetings with FINMA
  • Drafting of a preliminary request to FINMA to present the team and the contemplated activity and check on
    on the feasibility of getting a FinTech license Art. 1b
  • Complete assessment of Compliance of the project with data protection regulations and other regulations applicable
  • Drafting the application and all organizational rules, internal policies and necessary attachments for the license
  • Managing the Bank-, FinTech-, eMoney- or SRO membership application.
  • Risk & Compliance (incl. AML/KYC training) (CRCO on demand – as sourcing partner)
  • IT stack evaluation (make or buy (white label solution))
  • Project Management to advise how to connect the FinTech with the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and SIC/EuroSIC and which Service Bureau to use best
  • HR (recruiting of the board- & executive members with a Swiss residence and payment of salaries)
  • Company foundation
  • Establish the finance plan, liquidity plan, cash-burn-rate plan and budget (CFO on demand – as sourcing partner)
  • Client service and admin service (phone, email and mail service as sourcing partner)
  • Coordination, selection and liaison with the statutory and regulatory auditor
  • Preparation of organigrams
  • Preparing forms required by FINMA regarding qualified investors, board and executive management
  • Review of documents prepared by the client (where we, the client, do not purchase our papers)
  • Manage and apply for enforcement of the legal force of the license (update company statutes to Art. 1b BA)
  • Liaise and manage reporting to authorities, taxes, VAT and accounting for small FinTechs

"The biggest mistake you can make...

... is to start from scratch."


  • Membership of the Swiss FinTech Alliance*. Liaise with the other associations and eco-system partners.
  • Turn around and recovery management for FinTech in distress. (define and take remedial action, establish a
    financial recovery plan (balance, P&L and liquidity planning, cash-burn-rate calculation), negotiate debt waivers, write and submit a request to FINMA for re-examination, liaise with specialized lawyers, the auditors and the board
  • Connecting investors with FinTech investment opportunities and visa versa (raising capital for them)

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A Swiss FinTech application is a complex regulatory endeavour. Still, it does not have to be an expensive marathon that brings your Start-up team to its limits even before starting your business.

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FinTech Werkstatt - FINMA Application Templates