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Fintech Werkstatt
Katarina Brüggler
Fortunagasse 18
8001 Zürich

FinTechWerkstatt is a Swiss sole proprietorship company of Katarina Brüggler.


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A Swiss FinTech application is a complex regulatory endeavour. Still, it does not have to be an expensive marathon that brings your Start-up team to its limits even before starting your business.

Save your resources, your energy and money. Bring your business to market in the fastest possible way while working with professionals that are up to the task. We have developed and fine-tuned all documents required for a Swiss FinTech application together with renowned Swiss law firms, auditors experts, IT experts, app developers, database specialists, cryptocurrency experts and data protection specialists.

These documents and guidelines are a legal requirement to obtain a Swiss Fintech license from FINMA. Hence, a solid base on which you can build every FinTech application.

FinTech Werkstatt

Get our starter package with the mandatory initial policies and regulations.
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