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Fintech Werkstatt

Katarina Brüggler
Fortunagasse 18
8001 Zürich

FinTechWerkstatt is a Swiss sole proprietorship company of Katarina Brüggler.

Navigating the Swiss FinTech Application

Navigating the intricate regulatory maze of a Swiss FinTech application can be daunting. Yet, it needn't drain your startup team's resources, energy, or finances before you've even launched. Harness the potential of industry experts to expedite your market entry. Our comprehensive suite of documents, designed for Swiss FinTech applications, has been meticulously crafted in collaboration with leading Swiss law firms, auditor specialists, IT gurus, app developers, database experts, cryptocurrency aficionados, and data protection authorities. Adherence to these documents and guidelines isn't just recommended – it's legally mandated to secure a Swiss Fintech licence from FINMA. They form a robust foundation, ensuring every FinTech application you embark on is built on solid ground.